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Cameras on Hire

You can hire following cameras at a very reasonable price from IFA

1. HD Z7 @ Rs 1500/- per day

2. DV 177 @ Rs 1000/- per day

IFA has got 3 Editing sets, editing facilty is available here which are done in package basis as well as hourly basis. Editing using FInal cut Pro is also available.

Films on Cultural Good Practices on Sale

13 Short films made by Nepali Indigenous women filmmakers in one DVD @ 200/-

 1. Film Name: Lavaki Kaniya
Community: Tharu
Synopsis: The Tharu Bride uses her art of cooking to bond with her new family.
Director : Renu Chaudhary – She isa film editor who owns and manages her own studio.

2. Film Name: Bhuiyar Puja
Community: Magar
Synopsis: The magar Community believe that they must not cut the tree they worship.
Director : Sanumaiya Rana – She is a Staff Nurse at the Bhaktapur Thimu Helath Post.

3. Film Name: 12 Days
Community : Newar
Synopsis: The Newars have the tradition of initiating their daughter into womanhood.
Director : Sunita Rajbhandari – Sunita has directed 2 films after IFA filmmaking workshop.

4. Film Name: Solji
Community : Mugal
Synopsis: The women of the Mugal community organize a feast to welcome a relative on his return.
Director : Toma Lama – Toma is Chairperson of the Mugal Women's Upliftment organization.

5. Film Name: River
Community: Majhi
Synopsis: Fishes in the rivers continue to be endangered by the use of poison and electrical currents.
Director : Bindu Majhi – She is a central member of Majhi Women Upliftment Association.

6. Film Name: Gra Pala Ge
Community: Sunuwar
Synopsis: The skill of handicrafts demonstrates the Sunuwar's close bonding with the bamboo tree.
Director : Laxmi Sunuwar – She is the Treasurer of Sunuwar Women's Society.

7. Film Name: Thak Thakma
Community: Limbu
Synopsis: Girls from the Limbu community are taught the art of weaving.
Director : Lila Rai – Lila is a model and dancer who has acted in several music videos.

8. Film Name: Samali
Community: Newar
Synopsis: In some Newari Community, a family friend is sent with the bride to help her adjust.
Director : Loonibha Tuladhar – Loonibha is a well known TV producer and stage actor.

9. Film Name: The Chiuree
Community: Chepang
Synopsis: The Chepangs plant Chiuree trees to celebrate the birth of a daughter as a gift for her.
Director : Shova Chepang – She works for the social upliftment of her community.

10. Film Name: Mhaita
Community: Gurung
Synopsis: The Gurung customary law gives women the right to divorse.
Director : Ratna Gurung – Ratna is a well known Radio journalist from SYanja.

11. Film Name: Girl Power
Community: Gurung
Synopsis: Gurung women are independent and empowered due to the gender equality.
Director : Renu Kshetry – She is well known for her sensitive reporting of social issues.

12. Film Name: Naraam
Synopsis: Magar community uses the Titepati (Artemesia, absinthe, wormwood) as a medicinal plant.
Director : Pratimaya Pun – She is an indigenous woman activist.

13. Film Name:Rhythm of Life
Community: Limbu
Synopsis: The Chyabrung (skin drum) is the heartbeat of the Limbu community.
Director : Srijana is a well known film and television actor


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