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Resource and Learning Centre


IFA believes that the key to development is awareness and knowledge. IFA has realized that there is a lack of place where filmmakers and film enthusiasts can get reading and visual materials and consultancy to enhance their skills in filmmaking. Hence, IFA has introduced Resource and Learning Centre to assist interested, upcoming and novice or experienced film makers, students and experts to provide opportunities for cross generational and cross cultural learning about issues, cultural beliefs and practices, customary laws, skills, traditions, knowledge and wisdom of indigenous people.


1. Develop habit of learning among indigenous filmmakers/peoples
2. Provide a platform where students and filmmakers can do their research using resources at the centre
3. Provide technical trainings to indigenous filmmakers to enhance their skills as well as to inspire people to get involved in filmmaking
4. Conduct regular in-house film screening fortnightly to provide a greater exposure to world’s cinema and technology
5. Conduct regular interactions and discussion programs related to films and indigenous issues
6. Assist filmmakers in overall filmmaking process


1. Members have to bring his/her card when they enter the centre.
2. If the membership card is lost, a new card will be provided upon the request for which Rs 50 will be charged.
3. Member should sign at the entry-exit book during the time of entry and exit from the centre.
4. Items borrowed shall be returned within a week.
5. Members have to take care of their personal possession themselves; IFA Resource and Learning staff will not take any responsibilities of any loss.
6. The centre should be used for learning, interaction, discussion and not for recreational purpose.


1. Access to reading and audio-visual materials related to indigenous issues, practices, culture, etc.
2. With a prior notice of one week earlier, members can watch films available at IFA in a group of 5-10 in wide screen.
3. Borrow maximum 3 films at a time.
4. Attend regular in-house film screening and interaction programs free of cost.
5. Regular updates on IFA Resource and learning Centre’s activities.
6. Free internet access at the center’s computer
7. Access to printer and photo copier which is free of cost up to 2 pages per day.
8. If the members have interesting film scripts related to Nepalese indigenous issues. IFA can co-produce the film by providing camera and editing table free of cost after the approval of the IFA board.
9. Apart from these services, filmmakers can have secretarial services, script printing, mentorship on script development and support for film production, for which minimal fees will be charged.


• Access to films for special screenings (issued upon their formal request)
• Meeting room with overhead projector, speakers and white screen for the workshop, seminar and press conference which needs to be booked a week ahead.
• Access to technical equipments and editing facilities for the profile and documentary making
• Consultancy support for documentary production


• Membership fees 1000/- per year
• 2 passport size photographs


Sunday – Friday between 10am – 5pm excluding public holidays.
Please free to contact us at the following address for your comments and suggestion for further improvement

PHONE NO: 977-1-4102577,

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