Indigenous Film Archive

Documenting, archiving & Promoting Indigenous Cultural Practices, Skills, Knowledge & Wisdom Through Films.

Vision, Mission, Goals


Establishment of a multicultural Nepal where every individual has the right to live with dignity in a peaceful society that appreciates and respects diverse cultures, practices, traditions, knowledge, skills and wisdom.


Provide a forum for indigenous as well as non-indigenous peoples/nationalities to research, document, interact, develop, promote and disseminate information on indigenous cultures, traditions, languages, issues, knowledge and wisdom through the audio visual medium.


IFA's goal is to establish an archive of indigenous films in collaboration with film archives around the world, promote and market indigenous films that have unique stories and storytelling styles and develop a technically well-equipped Resource and Learning Centre with the ultimate aim of establishing a Film Training Institute. IFA aims to establishment itself as an expert on indigenous knowledge and wisdom.


1. Archive national and international films on indigenous peoples/nationalities.
2. Strengthen the culture of indigenous film appreciation.
3. Advocate indigenous rights through films.
4. Develop a well equipped Resource and Learning Centre.
5. Document indigenous related issues, knowledge and wisdom in audio visual medium.
6. Develop and promote exchange programs for academicians, filmmakers, researchers, students and youth at national and international levels.
7. Establish Awards to felicitate national and international film makers working on indigenous issues.
8. Establish volunteer program to encourage a learning and understanding about indigenous cultures, issues and knowledge.


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